Frequently asked questions

Your contribution will help transform a school infrastructure with benches, sports kits, paints, electricity, library, digital class, Computer, clean drinking water

Digital Class room helps in learning in A/V mode. 32In LED TV, Pen Drive, peripheral accessories, grade based lessons software

The program aims to bring awareness to menstrual hygiene thru interactive workshops, comics and demo of various options available.

You can sponsor a child’s living & education expenses monthly. You can set up monthly recurring payments or pay it one time yearly. 25USD will support a child under 12 years of age or 33 USD for a child 12 and over living in a hostel/shelter/orphanage. For semi-orphans living with extended family, 20USD will help.

Yes. PURE will share the details of the child with you and periodic updates about your wards progress and future anticipated needs will be communicated as well.

See the bank information. You can donate items on our Wish List instead of money Contact us to learn how to contribute ‘In Kind’

Yes, US donations made to People for Urban and Rural Education are eligible for tax exemptions. PURE is a US 501(c)3 organization

Yes we accept donations in other currency. However, these donations are not tax-exempt.You can donate using

Soft copies of Donation receipts will be issued at the end of the month the donation is received provided we have your email address. Physical copy can also be mailed upon request. Contact us at with the name used on the donation, date of donation and the mode used.