People have to come together be it in birth or death. Pain and tears are inevitable when life begins or ends. Such is the story of life. What we do with it in between is what matters. Our life should leave footprints on the sands of time that speak of positive change we bring in other’s lives. Seeing the invisible divinity in another being is Humanity, a step towards Being Human. Giving is the difference between "Desire to do" and actually practicing it. A helping hand is immortal.

We see misery, sorrow, poverty, hunger and many other maladies ailing the human kind. We want to do at least something about it and at times want to fix everything. Life interferes, priorities over take, time is always scarce. Let us chase victories, let’s fight poverty. That victory lies in extending a hand to support our fellow beings, our brothers and sisters in need. Education brings awareness and opens up the world of unlimited possibilities. Progressing towards being human lies in spreading such education by leaps and bounds. Lacking empathy makes one poor not lacking money. Only Education has the power to annihilate the poverty of the thoughtfulness. Education is a way out of both poverty of mind and fiscal challenges.

Some wait for an opportunity while some search for opportunities to help those in need. PURE was formed for anyone wanting to help a child, anyone who believes in empowering a child thru education.

PURE – People for Urban and Rural Education was brought into existence to connect the need to the source of support. Formed by a group of childhood friends along with their service oriented teacher in March of 2016, PURE with its multiple chapters in USA and a branch in Hyderabad, India has transformed more than 100 schools in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With 40 college fees & living expenses sponsorships and more than 200 merit & need based scholarships, a change at an individual level is worked on by supporting visually challenged, special needs and differently abled children, orphans and semi-orphans with their academic & athletic goals.

With a phased approach, PURE works on infrastructure improvements turning government schools into quality, supportive and conducive learning environments to cater to cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the children. Setting both the children and teachers up for success. Building repairs, toilets, water purification systems, benches, digitization, libraries, science labs, after school tutoring, school supplies, bicycles, feminine hygiene workshops and much more make PURE a one stop shop for all the educational needs of an underprivileged child.

By using the sister school method and STEM techniques PURE has started a youth wing to bring children from USA & Canada and the children of India together. PURE's focus is not just limited to education, anything that inhibits a child’s ability to attend school falls in PURE’s scope - Menstrual hygiene awareness, providing prosthetic limbs, taking care of any health needs of the children to name a few. Every child matters!

PURE is here not to prove any one wrong but to prove the human kind right!

Join hands with us to ease the burden of poverty from those tiny shoulders! Let’s do our bit in helping OUR children stand on their own with the confidence that Education is sure to give them!