Shyla Talluri

PURE's founder, strategist and voice, Shyla Talluri, is a thought leader. TeamPURE takes pride in falling in step with her quick pace and swift actions.

Diligent, determined and decisive, Shyla Talluri was instrumental in bringing PURE into existence and forming Team PURE...Shyla, gave Vijay Ramireddy’s brainchild a name....

PURE's founder, strategist and voice, Shyla Talluri, is a thought leader. TeamPURE takes pride in falling in step with her quick pace and swift actions.

Shyla who says her confidence is her identity, is an equal rights advocate. Shyla dreams of a gender and race free world. She believes that Freedom that comes with conditions based on gender, race, color, marital status, caste, and creed is worse than slavery.

This is what Shyla wants to share with you..

I am an Entrepreneur, poet, writer and an Information Technology professional and as much a super mom as any other working woman. I had a pretty comfortable life growing up. I was very reserved as a child. In contrast, strongly opinionated & outspoken as an adult.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to not look too far for inspiration and idols. My heroes in life are my grade school classmates, friends and family who showed me what being selfless, kind, confident and brave meant thru the adversaries and challenges they faced.

But one person had a very profound impact on me.. Devi.

Devi haunts me to this day. The ifs and whys plague me.

I met Devi when I was 8...she was probably an year older. She triggered jealousy in me back then, self-loathing a little later and now I seek salvation in doing right by the likes of her.

Devi was pushed into child labor by a heartless dad and a monstrous step-mother. She was sheltered at our house for a few months. Parents treated her no different than they treated us (my lil bro and me). I envied her care free laughter and easy going attitude. Little did I know that her life could turn upside down at the whim of her parents. Everyone seemed to gravitate towards her and I secretly wished she went away. And my wish came true one day..the evil parents took her away to put her back to work. My parents fought tooth and nail but to no avail. She was gone in a blink of an eye.

The eight year old me didn't last long. I started blaming myself soon after. To this day I wish I never wished her away.

The what-if's turned to whys..why should a child be deprived of a healthy childhood..Devi was smart, intelligent and had a yearning to learn.

There are thousands of Devi's out there..I want to do right by my Devi by helping at least a few kids like her thru PURE .

No child should be left behind. Education is everyone's right!

Vijay Ramireddy

A pragmatic perfectionist and a straight shooter, PURE's Chairman,Vijay Ramireddy, is a true leader that inspires passion. A go-getter, Vijay works with single minded focus on anything he sets his heart on.

A BITSian, Vijay is a Chief Scientific Officer at a privately held Pharma firm based in Hyderabad. Here's more about self proclaimed workaholic and a very vocal patriot...

My ex-serviceman father’s life is an inspiration to me. Giving back to my nation and protecting it's integrity with morals and ethics has been ingrained into me and played an integral role in my upbringing.

Just like many children who aren't from affluent families the school I was sent to had little to no facilities or infrastructure. We used to play on the roads bare-footed, didn't have toilets and were devoid of safe drinking water.

My inception started off with lacklustre academic accolades. My tussle to learn, seek and perform started worsening each time I failed to fit into the topper's gallery. I learnt later that it’s better to be a failure than a quitter. Unfortunately, my school did not have skilled set of teachers. The best part of schooling was SELF-STUDY ignited by my burning desire to do better, to succeed.

Knowledge is a powerful gift! Quality well-rounded education is everyone’s right! It should not be confined to corporate schools alone. Many children are capable of doing wonders if identified, trained and supported at the grass root level and can become our nation’s strength.

I would like to bring back the smiles of children hidden under their tears of poverty.

I want the future of my country to smile inside and out.

PURE is here to help motivate children reach their potential. PURE will work hard for children that are willing to work hard for the betterment of their lives which will in turn help build a better society. Jai Hind!

Sandhya Gollamudi

An exuberant & dedicated philanthropist, she is a true stimulus for Team PURE. Energy thy name Sandhya! A great motivational speaker and social awareness advocate, Sandhya Gollamudi is PURE's biggest asset.

Deepa Kamalakara

Daring & Dashing fall short in describing our latest addition to TeamPURE. She's got pluck! A humanist, Deepa is not one to look away when she thinks something is not right or leave things unfinished. She completes PURE! An out of the box thinker, Deepa Kamalakara is the mastermind behind PURE's BooksToBharat campaign.

Archana Purini

PURE’s rock, Archana Chakravarty is the silent strength behind the formation of PURE. Gentle but assertive, Archana exudes serenity and compassion. Hers is the creative hand behind PURE's logo and website design.

Bhanu Vallabhaneni

A big-hearted idealist, BhanuPrakash's attitude reinforces PURE's mission and vision. TeamPURE draws inspiration and strength from his commitment to the cause.Team PURE proudly presents our charming visionary with deep roots in giving back, BhanuPrakash Vallabhaneni....