PURE Green

Environment-Based Education Program

Plantations and kitchen gardens at schools to spread the green initiative and create a sustainable environment for children.

  • School Kitchen Gardens where the children and staff take responsibility in growing vegetables that will be included in the meal served at school. This program helps as a tool for children to learn about growing their own food and also ensure nutritional security.
  • Miyawaki forest, makes it possible to grow a variety of native species in small spaces to create a forest that grows 10 times faster and the growth is 30 times denser. As a pilot, a forest was planted using the Miyawaki method in a government boys highschool in Warangal district of Telangana state in India. Two acres of unused school owned land was put to good use- local varieties of grass, shrubs and fruit trees were planted. Water source, motor and compound wall construction were also part of the project

Kitchen Gardens

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