PURE Horizons

Orphanage Adoption Program


Children orphaned, abandoned and rescued call these shelters their home. Love is in abundance, PURE ensures that the basic needs of the children are met giving kid’s new horizons of hope for a secure and bright future. Education is at the forefront of the program including private schooling and tutoring. Counseling older children to set their goals high and enabling them to achieve them is what the program’s success means to PURE.

From ordering monthly food supplies, overseeing the smooth running of the home, providing entertainment, arranging special meals, facilitating vision and dental care, hiring help and scheduling grooming sessions – PURE takes responsibility for the day to day needs and well being of the children at Horizons. Building repairs, transportation, furniture, appliances and all gaps in the infrastructure at the shelter homes are taken care of by PURE.

Every child matters! Margie who completed the entire year’s workbook in her first week of kindergarten matters! Providing the right care for Priya who tested positive for HIV matters! Giving Ramesh the resources needed to excel in the subjects he was struggling with matters! Slaying the dragons from her abusive past keeping Leila up at night matter!

Our Children