Archana Purini

Co-founder & CTO

PURE’s rock, Archana Purini is the silent strength behind the formation of PURE.

Gentle but assertive, Archana exudes levelheadedness and compassion. Hers is the creative hand behind PURE’s logo and website design.

Archana also leads the Sponsorship Suite, one of PURE’s biggest programs. By taking a primary role in the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children, Archana demonstrates her belief in equal opportunity for all.

Here is what Archana would like to share…

Every child has a right to learn!

While growing up I was fortunate enough to have a decent education and everything one needs to lead a comfortable and secure life. Unfortunately, not every child can say the same. Millions of children across the globe are being forced into child labor, depriving them of their precious childhood. Poverty and the lack of belief in education are some of the major causes of this issue. I believe that through the promotion of quality schools and advocacy for greater opportunities through scholarship, education can be an incredibly effective solution.

At PURE we all have one core vision: creating a strong culture of giving and making sure what is given is used with integrity and transparency. Working as a part of team PURE has given me the opportunity to meet with some truly selfless people who work towards the betterment of society.

When I see my own child finding happiness in the gift of giving, this journey of mine seems even more fulfilling.

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Destination education!

I appreciate the opportunity to share with you our passion for championing children’s right to quality life and education. For those who have already joined us on this journey of ours, I thank you. Without you, our dream of giving children a chance at decent schooling would remain just that – a dream. If you haven’t yet joined this journey that has but one destination – ”Education” , we hope you’ll take the time to explore our site and to learn more about us. 

Four years of proven success in catering to the needs of children who are orphaned, semi-orphaned, disadvantaged, underprivileged or at-risk, PURE constantly looks for gaps in our programs and also in governmental help to fill, we are forever evolving. We are inspired by children’s will to learn and sponsors’ willingness to give.The biggest donation you give us is your trust, and we are grateful for it.  Since our formation, PURE has reached hundreds of schools and thousands of children. 

The power of giving – No amount is small or big, PURE’s success has been in small donations from many people repeatedly. Collectively we made a profound impact on children’s lives.

One child at a time – Every child matters, be it an individual need or a school’s need. Their smiles are what drives us to work diligently. Connecting a sponsor with a child’s needs brings transparency into where the money goes and how it’s helping shape lives.

Choose your level of commitment – You may choose to donate, volunteer or become a part of the team. PURE is a platform for anyone wanting to do good by the kids. 

Over 95% of donations go to the beneficiaries – There are no salaries to pay the directors, or rents to pay for offices. PURE is run by volunteers, we work out of virtual offices and we leverage technology to implement projects. 

Our goals for 2020 are bold and aggressive. We plan to scale up programs piloted in 2019 – special assistance, yoga , khan academy and Abhyasa, our street to school program. Join us on this leg of our journey, destination remains unchanged – empower through education.


Archana Purini

Co-founder & CTO