Vijay Ramireddy


A pragmatic perfectionist and a straight shooter, PURE’s Chairman, Vijay Ramireddy, is a true leader that inspires passion.

A BITSian, Vijay is a Chief Scientific Officer at a privately held pharma firm based in Hyderabad. Here’s more about this self proclaimed workaholic and a very vocal patriot, in his own words-

My ex-serviceman father’s life is an inspiration to me. Giving back to my nation and protecting it’s integrity with morals and ethics has been ingrained into me and played an integral role in my upbringing. Just like many children who aren’t from affluent families the school I was sent to had little to no facilities, infrastructure or skilled teachers. The best part of schooling was self-study which ignited by my burning desire to do better, to succeed.

Knowledge is a powerful gift! Quality well-rounded education is everyone’s right! PURE is here to help motivate children reach their potential. PURE will work hard for children that are willing to work hard for the betterment of their lives which will in turn help build a better society. Jai Hind!

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Chairman’s Note

PURE is a NGO par excellence in India and globally as well. PURE stands for excellence in leadership, integrity, transparency and accountabily.  The success PURE has seen is from sticking to these rudimentary principles that continue to keep us ahead in serving both children and the sponsors who support our mission. 

  • Anchoring the intellectual and passionate bandwidth resident in the leadership team, volunteer directors and PURE Youth, essential to groom tomorrow’s leaders today.
  • Ensuring a staunch commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive community of volunteers.
  • Respecting the value collaborations add to PURE’s strength and encouraging partnerships with individuals and groups alike.
  • Building a network of teachers who are willing partners in PURE’s mission and are engaged meaningfully with PURE’s vision.
  • Perpetuating a sustainable and steadfast relation with the sponsors and donors.

PURE will continue to connect the needs of the children with the source of help. PURE is here to be a change agent and also to groom change makers, for a better society.

Live and Let Live!

Vijay Ramireddy