Youth Awards

A PURE Appreciation of Service and Leadership

Every year our hard-working Pure Youth volunteers find ways to incorporate time into their schedules to give back to communities in need of assistance. In order to show our gratitude and appreciation for the thousands of hours spent towards working to improving public school systems around the world, volunteers receive certificates for their service. Furthermore, most of our volunteers go above and beyond to show their diligence towards PURE and it’s missions, and end up doing enough hours to qualify for the presidential awards, which is why we assist these volunteers in applying for the awards. We start each volunteer year on June 1st and end it on May 31st when calculating how many hours each volunteer has contributed towards our mission.

In order to honor volunteers that make an outstanding impact in their fields, the corporation for national and community service, a federal agency, distributes the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The presidential award is an accolade that marks an individual’s commitment to provide for their community and their attentiveness to make a substantial impact in the world. Pure Youth has been distributing presidential awards to its volunteers since 2018, and every year since then more and more promising volunteers arise. The dedication of volunteers that go above and beyond and allocate so much of their time to help bolster the development of rural communities and the disadvantaged is recognized through these presidential awards.

Presidential Awards Recipients

Vibhaas Appaji
Yashas Appaji
Veda Atluri
Sriya Buddi
Sanjana Buddi
Hainvi Gullapalli
Hema Kanthamneni
Dasarath Katragadda
Prithvi Mekala
Sanjana Managapuram
Sarayu Mandavilli
Ruhi Parekh
Shourya Pabba
Siddanth Pabba
Adithi Ponakampalli
Victoria Roberts
Aditi Sarma
Shreya Srinivas
Amrutha Sypereddi
Anagha Talluri
Pavan Tamma
Saicharan Tamma
Sumedha Vadlamani
Shreya Vadlamani
Angelica Vellore

Presidential Awards Eligibility Criteria

Hours required to earn awards in each age group
Age Group Bronze Silver Gold Lifetime Achievement Award*
Kids (5–10 years old) 26–49 hours 50–74 hours 75+ hours 4,000+ hours
Teens (11–15) 50–74 hours 75–99 hours 100+ hours 4,000+ hours
Young Adults (16–25) 100–174 hours 175–249 hours 250+ hours 4,000+ hours
Adults (26+) 100–249 hours 250–499 hours 500+ hours 4,000+ hours


● Travel doesn’t count towards volunteer hours
● Meetings don’t count towards volunteering
● Training meetings count towards volunteering
● Overnight stay doesn’t count as volunteering
● Prep directly related to fundraising counts
● Fundraising counts
● Marathon running and walks count
● Service for religious organizations don’t count
● Blood donation doesn’t count
● Anything volunteers get paid for doesn’t count (free meal or place to stay is not
considered as payment)
● Unpaid internships count (eg: Project EQUIP)

For more information, click on this link Presidential Service Awards

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