PURE Youth Lawrenceville

New Jersey

PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

With the inspiration from a multitude of trips to Third World countries and with the use of social media, PURE was just starting to form as an organization and spread across the world. After hearing about this nonprofit dedicated to improving students' education, one mother and daughter duo decided to try to get more students involved in giving back by setting up a branch of the nonprofit called PURE Youth. What started off in 2017 as a group of 10 dedicated parents and students Setting up a lemonade stand in their small community in suburban New Jersey has now turned into A program that has over 22 active branches across the United States filled with students who are continuously pushing boundaries and inspiring their local communities to understand the privileges of living in developed countries and understanding how to positively use that privilege to help those in need without developing a savior complex.

Led By Children, For Children


I like the fact that we get to help people who really need help, and we have a way of contributing to society. Through PURE, you can learn independence, leadership, and compassion ~Sid

I enjoy being a part of PURE because they give me an opportunity to help those in need locally and in other countries. Sometimes, I can even connect with the people we help personally which makes the work worthwhile. ~ Aditi

I found my time at PURE Youth very eye opening. It showed me how much I have and why I should be grateful. ~ Rishi

PURE is an opportunity to see how even younger people can make a difference in the world. It shows the world that age is not a defining factor but rather passion, passion to make a positive impact on the world. Working with some truly amazing people makes it possible and the best thing about PURE is that our work is making some change to people who don’t have the same resources as us. ~ Ashvik

PURE is a phenomenal non-profit organization that I’ve had the privilege to be involved with over the past few years. Our combined effort to resolve the global issue of poverty, through a focus on education and youth empowerment, has given me the opportunity to see that anyone, no matter how big or small, can make a meaningful difference in the world ~ Suraj

PURE Youth mission is to provide education and basic needs to underprivileged kids. As providing literacy eradicates poverty, ignorance and makes a person self dignified, I support PURE Youth for this noble cause. ~ Renuka

PURE for me is a channel to give back to society, it emphasizes values of little things that make difference. ~ Suchi

I like PURE because it’s all about giving back to society. I really like their commitments towards bringing street kids to school. ~ Shravani

It’s a privileged to be a volunteer at PURE a nongovernmental organization is dedicated towards education for unprivileged kids, street, orphans and semi orphan children, by providing food, educational and medical support. ~ Malathi

I like PURE because PURE is genuine like its name. Filled with a good heart and likeminded volunteers helping kids who are not fortunate. Understands the needs of kids from all aspects. ~ Padma

The thing I like most about PURE is being able to help people less fortunate than me. Even growing up in India and seeing some very unfortunate people, it made me feel very unhappy that I couldn’t do anything. But now because I’m a part of PURE I feel so happy to be able to help those people. ~ Haritha

I have been a part of PURE Youth since day 1 and I am shocked by how much our little mission has grown and expanded over this short period of time. It takes true commitment and dedication to our goal to be able to come this far and I am so proud of our PURE Youth members. I hope it continues to inspire and make an impact among the people who need it. ~ Ramana

What I like most about pure is that we help children do normal things that we take for granted such as go to school. Those kids are dying to go and we just take a new week of school for granted ~ Krish

I like PURE as it provides underprivileged kids in India to have a brighter tomorrow through education.The youth ambassadors in USA work collaboratively finding best solutions to help street children in India learn and thrive. ~ Indra