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A Street To School Program

Every child has the right to get an education. Economic conditions prevent some children from obtaining the right to learning or having an average childhood. Street children are in the disadvantaged and at-risk group of kids who lack access to schooling due to poverty. These children also have limited access to food, shelter, protection, and health.

Abhyasa aims to make these children schools ready by helping them acquire the appropriate knowledge, social skills and interest in learning. Differentiated learning, demonstrations, role-play, games, art and audiovisual modes of instruction are incorporated in the teaching methods at Abhyasa. Breakfast, lunch and occasional festive meals take care of the nutritional needs of the children.

Rehabilitate the children by teaching them basic education, etiquette, manners, cleanliness and discipline, to slowly enroll them in public schools.

Some children live on the street full-time and have an adult in their life not necessarily a parent, others come from migrant worker families who moved across the country in search of livelihood, a few are school dropouts – whatever the background of the children may be, the challenge is in making them realize the joy in learning and the importance of attending school regularly. Providing transportation and frequent interactions with parents have helped us overcome these challenges.

Abhyasa currently has two centers in two states in India with a total capacity to serve upto 80 children.

A PUREly PURE owned initiative


ABHYASA Hyderabad