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PURE’s charitable heart brings opportunities to youth leaders and in turn, our bright volunteers seek to pay a debt of gratitude off. From ambassador to mentor, our college volunteers can finally fill out the shoes that molded them into civic-minded individuals. The Accelerated Program at PURE aids our organizations growth and development in this mission of global education. From Newsletters to a YouTube channel, the Accelerated program amplifies PURE’s mission to an audience who is ready to accelerate our team’s innovative goals.

Not only is it our duty as global citizens, volunteering work for young adults promises skill development, opportunities to make important connections, and job prospects for future careers. Employers seek out team-players and empathetic people who are able to build consensus among coworkers, all key-components to charitable work. Leading balanced lives, Adult College volunteers show both initiative in the academic world and their communities. Our Accelerated program enables our volunteers to take advantage of PURE’s helping hand and further develop their own charitable skills.

Youth Focus Groups

Virtual Classes

Skype classes for spoken English, connect with others from different cultures, and more. High schoolers tutor children in India. Primarily run from Ohio connecting with two schools in India, ZPSS Koyachilka and ZPSS Mogalicherla

Youth Femme

Youth fighting the cultural shame attached to menstruation and shortage of resources that keep girls from attending school.

Web Channel

Leveraging Youth ambassadors’ expertise in the digital world has pushed them to create the PURE Channel, a place where they can showcase all of their talents, whether they are PURE related or not!

Project Equip

To introduce high schoolers to real-world experiences with coding and computers, we had them work on the PURE website with SDLC in Project Equip last summer.