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Leadership Powered by Youth!

PURE celebrates its PURE Youth Leadership Program volunteers daily!

They are an integral part of this mission. They are the stewards of the future and the stronger they are, the stronger the future is. PURE promotes leadership, innovation, diversity and empathy among the PURE Youth Leaders. Once readied and prepared, they take their knowledge, experience and compassion out into the world with them, aiming to improve the lives of every global citizen they meet by fighting poverty and hardship through education and cooperation. Each one, teach one is the path to success.

The Youth Leaders at PURE are just as passionate as the adults are. They are acutely aware of the enormous burdens placed upon them but are also more than confident that they can and will make a global difference. These civic minded youth encourage social justice and a fair playing field for all because everyone deserves the chance for a good life. A global cure is a global effort.

PURE is proud to say that the youth initiatives and projects align with United Nations sustainable development goals for 2030.

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