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Welcome to PURE
People for Urban and Rural Education

In 2016, PURE was born and introduced to the world! A deep, organic passion and the common dream of a few like minded friends was its birthplace. Since then, PURE has continued its global rise in the education sector. PURE represents People for Urban and Rural Education and PURE is both proud and grateful to be thriving as a global, non profit organization.

What may have started as a lofty thought has turned into a powerhouse of concerted effort that is founded upon and carried out solely by volunteers. PURE is a worldwide team of over 1000 (and steadily growing) forward thinking people who have dedicated great portions of their personal and professional lives to this most honorable cause. Being volunteer led and run enables PURE to operate with total overhead costs remaining below 5% on a continual basis. PUREs intention is to make a difference, not a fortune!

After watching the constant need for quality and well rounded education for disenfranchised, underprivileged, indigenous and marginalized communities grow on a daily basis, PURE decided to be the change they longed to see in the education world. This amazing collaboration of public school teachers, hands-on volunteers, sponsors, donors and corporations is the driving force behind PUREs goal of eradicating global poverty through global education.
Strategic, tactical and operation led leadership is the key factor in PUREs day to day success and is only made possible by the grace of PUREs many world wide volunteers. Not only is PURE driven to bring educational and nutritional opportunities to the most needy among us, all around the world, but PURE is laser focused on closing the gender gap in education so that every single person has the same chance in life, no matter who they are or where they live.

Educate the world and you will make the future brighter!

PURE is built on four pillars – TeamPURE, PUREGurus, PUREVolunteers and PURESponsors

Who We Are

We are a volunteer led organization, our strategic, tactical and operational leadership is provided by volunteers.

Where We Are

We predominantly work in India and the USA, we have made footprints in Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago.

What We Do

Focus areas are Education, Girl child, Shelter homes, Special Assistance, Indigenous populations, Livelihoods and Youth leadership.

PURE is a 501(c)(3) US Federal Tax Exempt Non-Profit. EIN#: 81-2726747

PURE is a 80G Tax Exempt organization registered in India # 125/2016

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