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Deepa Kamalakara

Chief Operating Officer

One of the core members of the PURE team, Deepa is not one to look away from a challenge. Deepa Kamalakara is an innovative thinker, demonstrated by her conceptualization of PURE’s BooksToBharat campaign, which helped fill library shelves in hundreds of schools. Deepa champions the ideas of equality and education, leading the PURE Schools and PURE Horizons programs.

Here’s what Deepa wants to share…

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

I strongly believe in this, and I think it should begin with the children. Every child should be given the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their dreams. Not one child should be left out!

My biggest source of inspiration has always been my life partner, who truly believes in helping others. Over the years, we have supported various causes, but the one thing close to our hearts remains children’s education. I have always volunteered for PTOs and local community campaigns as they have always given me a deep sense of fulfillment. With PURE, I have the opportunity to give back in every way imaginable, especially helping my favorite people in the world: children. We may not be able to create a completely utopian society but we sure can take a step towards it.

PURE educates and empowers the children, and helps them realize their potential to do bigger and better things. The bright smiles and hope we see on the faces of the children we help are the greatest rewards we can ever receive and are immensely cherished.

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Dreams made real!

PURE works on many projects on any given day, be it a school project, a Femme-Hygiene workshop, the Horizons program or Abhyasa classes. The implementation and turn around of any school project is approximately 2-4 weeks at the most unless we come across any major hindrances. The planning of the project is what helps the implementation proceed seamlessly. This is possible only with the support of our mighty on-ground volunteers, especially our beloved teachers. The ones who take the initial step to improve both their schools and the lives of their students, PURE teachers are the complete embodiment of our core beliefs. By approaching us for the support they need to advance the quality of their students’ education and putting in their time and effort, these teachers illustrate the idea of true selflessness.

At PURE, we always strive for complete transparency with our projects, making sure that our sponsors know exactly how their resources are being utilized to better the lives of the underprivileged children. Our belief at PURE is that the relationships we have with our sponsors should be built on a foundation of trust and by maintaining complete transparency with all of our operations, we are able to establish solid, long-lasting relationships with the people who support us most.

In the coming years, we hope to expand all of our programs to reach more children who are in need of support to pursue their dream. By broadening our reach across both India and the world, we aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of even more children, promoting our motto, “ Empower through Education!”.

Best Regards,

Deepa Kamalakara