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Annual service trips - individual or group

Our service learning opportunities overseas enable you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through community service, learn about new cultures through immersion, and make a positive impact within your host community. This helps develop the cultural understanding, soft skills, self-awareness and empathy that are essential to becoming a happy, well-rounded and successful individual.

learning trips enable students to develop personally and professionally while giving back to communities through volunteering.

During your time on IVHQ’s summer volunteer abroad programs, you will have the opportunity to help local communities and help give back through a series of community-led programs and conservation initiatives. This is an amazing time of the year to see the world, make a difference, get out there and truly experience some of the best summer volunteer opportunities in 2022.

  • See the world and gain a new global perspective.
  • Make new friends and share incredible experiences with like-minded people from around the world.
  • Gain career insights and the opportunity for self discovery.
  • Make a positive impact through volunteer programs within a short-term, flexible timeframe.

Ready to step outside of your comfort zone and see the world from a different perspective? Solo volunteering abroad is one of the best ways to build confidence, gain independence and give back to local communities around the world.