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PURE For A Cause

A monthly donation club run through whatsapp groups.

A few things:

  • *Spam* No forwarded messages, wishes, announcements, updates, messages etc unrelated to the group activity even if it’s PURE general updates (they are not in scope here)
  • *Exiting* You are welcome to exit the group anytime ..no obligation.. hopefully you will not but I can understand if you have to
  • This model has worked successfully for a couple of groups in NY and Boston ..mimicking it
  • We will cap this group at 30 members ..a new group can be started by you ..all we ask is you to add a PURE representative in it to keep track of funds
  • *Lead* This group needs a leader/a person to post updates and reminders .. *Kalyani* has agreed to take care of that
  • *Funds* A minimum contribution of 10USD is the ask..anything more is up to you on a monthly or one time basis ..say you have a bday come up in the family and want to add more to your monthly commitment that one time ..it’s absolutely fine and we pick up a bigger project ..if someone wants to contribute more than the minimum on a regular basis that’s an individual choice..20$ 25$ 50$ ..your pick
  • *Monthly Projects*
    Say we pool 450$ in a month
    • Sponsor a meal at an orphanage ..one day on behalf of the group ..every month - 50$
    • Start library at one primary school (150$) and a digital classroom (250$) or water purification plant (25 lph capacity 250$) ..exact school/village name will be published.

Lastly ..One regular question I usually get..

No paid directors or premises rents to pay at PURE ..we operate virtually leveraging technology ..almost every one at PURE holds a full time job :) and does this voluntarily

PURE primarily works with Education focus..a govt school , orphans, students from families impacted by agrarian crisis, visually impaired students , special needs, students in need of prosthetic limbs, menstrual hygiene ..

Anything that’s a hurdle in a child getting quality education is in PURE’s scope

Each month , there will be a specific project(s) we will work as group

Pool funds, use it for the project, share receipts/invoices, pics

So we know where exactly our dollar is going

No employees to pay salaries..no rents to pay ..funds go to the cause/need

Each of these groups has a leader from within the sponsors .. group’s leader will remind the group members and make sure funds tally up..leaders will also follow up with PURE on utilization of funds