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With each passing day, the world is evolving fast. And so are the modes and importance of education. Knowledge is no more limited to a building but is now extended to digital learning and crucial skills development for future jobs.

However, not everyone has the privilege to access high-end education and gain the benefits. Seamless communication skills are the gateway to unlimited resources, opportunities, and exposures in today’s world. Unfortunately, under-privileged children from orphanages and rural areas are missing out on the essential learning phase of their life.

PURE offers a non-profit Academy led by people with years of experience in the corporate world in technology, business, and entrepreneurship to bridge the lack of resources. Moreover, the Academy consists of virtual tutoring, soft skills, and spoken English programs. The Academy aims to serve those in need with top-quality education to thrive in the fast-growing world.

Therefore, it offers programs for students and volunteers to ace their academic struggles. And believes each individual should have an opportunity to hone their skills and reach their true potential.

So, connect with the Academy as a volunteer or funding company and support their great cause!

For Knowledge, With Technology

The best gift from time is technology. It is the ultimate source to connect and communicate worldwide. No matter the location, technology connects people from each corner of the world.
Thus, the Academy uses it to leverage a powerful tool of education.

It aims to reach students with very few or limited resources and guide them through their learning phase with the best educational services.

In addition, their volunteering teachers from the USA teach students from orphanages in India, government schools, rural and tribal areas. Hence, the subjects are basic yet important-Math and English.

It is hard for the younger generation to reach the standard level of present-day academics in far-fetched areas where resources are limited or caretakers are not well-educated. As a result, the skills are fewer, and the knowledge is sparse.

The Academy introduces a custom Learning Management System where people can upload their curriculums and connect with different teachers. It works as a custom application to make learning easily available for all as per their needs.

Furthermore, they invite volunteers to share their skill sets with those in need and enlighten the youth. An amazing chance to share their knowledge and learn from the experience.

Education is a tool that connects people on a priceless bond. Hence, it provides both exposure and life-long lessons to teachers and students.

And so, join hands with the Academy to avail this exceptional opportunity!

Beyond The Books Education

The world outside the school building and the knowledge beyond the books is often more valuable and complicated. However, the real world demands a certain set of skills to win through practical life challenges; it is when one needs to polish your soft skills.

PURE Academy offers a 9-week course for undergraduates, graduates, and freshers with the skills development they need. They teach tips and tactics for interview performance, mock interviews, resume building, and one-to-one mentoring sessions.

It is never enough to be a brilliant student with stunning academic results. More often than not, companies search for well-polished talents, impressive skills, strong communication, and entrepreneurship lead.

The student world is brimming with grades but lacks in practicable skills. And so, to bridge education with talents, their 9-week course is perfect for exploring a true potential.

ENGLISH: The Essence Of Today’s Communication

Language is the primary mode of communication. Today, the world revolves around English, and each country relies on English as its main mode of communication. Moreover, it depicts a person’s literacy level, eligibility for job positions and open doors to greater exposure opportunities.

The Academy offers to connect students and job seekers to third-party English courses to improve their English communication skills.

Undoubtedly, people with better and fluent spoken English are at an economic advantage over those who are not. It is because of the companies preference, job requirements, and most importantly, ease of communication.

With strong spoken skills, one can easily connect with like-minded people, share unique ideas, propose efficient innovations. Moreover, English is the internet language, so knowing the language allows accessing online information.

To compete with the ever-advancing world, one needs sharp reading, writing, and speaking skills. And when the world communicates in English, it is essential to learn it as a second language, if not first. Henceforth, English proficiency is a major requirement of each career field.

The Academy offers third-party courses to learn the most important communication language.

The Ultimate Learning Experience

The 21st Century is all about escalating digitally. All sectors ranging from schooling to large-scale businesses strive to compete in the digital world. And so, it is crucial to learn digital skills.

PURE Academy offers summer internship programs in tech projects, business requirements, and software development methodologies for PURE Youth Ambassadors.

The internship opportunities are for high school juniors and seniors to learn the top-ranking skills of the digital world. Everything today is electronic and based on technology. Therefore, it is hard to make space in the practical world without adequate digital knowledge.

In addition, Project Equip is a 10-week internship program that is short and helps in making spare time productive. Each educational institute, company, and job offer demand seamless digital knowledge. And so, avail the valuable internship programs and explore different skills.

PURE Academy is a non-profit organization aiming to facilitate youth with the quality education and internship opportunities they deserve. And so, it offers students formal education, essential skills, and mentoring sessions to prepare them for a ruthless future.