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Bhanu Vallabhaneni

Chief Financial Officer

A big-hearted idealist, Bhanu’s attitude reinforces PURE’s mission and vision. Bhanu Vallabhaneni who has deep roots in giving back shares his story..

Growing up in a village, I have seen a lot of young children without proper nutrition, clothes, a roof with no holes and many other needs that we usually take for granted. Mom and Dad have been an inspiration early on providing basic needs to these families. I still remember mom sitting in front of a hot stove outside, in the hot sun, spending hours cooking during festivals so that we can serve the less fortunate during those days.

After marriage, the inspiration came in the form of my wife. She has been helping kids and abused women for a while before we met. Together, we continued to support different causes both in the US and in India.

We were looking for a good organization or avenues to increase our reach and here came my childhood friends with an incredible idea; PURE! As soon as I heard the proposal, we were in. Seeing the joy on the kid’s faces TeamPURE helped, I knew we made the right decision. We have been lucky so far in life and want to give back as much as we can.

Instead of giving money to kids to buy some chocolates, educate them! Send them to school! They will not only build their life, who knows, they might remember the help & support they received and PAY IT FORWARD..by giving back to the less fortunate.


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