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Sandhya Gollamudi


An exuberant & dedicated philanthropist, she is a true stimulus for Team PURE. Energy thy name Sandhya! A great motivational speaker and social awareness advocate, Sandhya Gollamudi is PURE’s biggest asset.

Sandhya travelled 150,000 kilometers reaching 85000girls in three years, conducting menstrual hygiene awareness workshops in 350+ rural and urban schools. Always there to step in and to step up, Sandhya has become synonymous to PURE. Sandhya has supported many causes over the last couple of decades and served on boards of other non profit organizations. She brings real world hands on experience to the table at PURE.

In her own words ..on why she came on board PURE

నమస్తె. నాపేరు సంధ్య గోళ్ళమూడి. ఉదయుంచిన ఈ సంధ్య, సాయం సంధ్యల చీకటి కష్టాలను తరచి తరచి చూసింది. పసికందుల ఆశలు కాలరాయబడటం కదిలించింది, అందు కే కలిపింది స్నేహ హస్తం PURE తొ.

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Reflecting on the leaps and strides made over the past four years, the number of children we have reached and the lives we have touched though is in thousands, it is humbling as I know that we have not even scratched the surface. The need is such, the reality is grave and I see it first hand on the ground every single day. The unconditional support from sponsors and unconditional love from the children has enabled us to keep pushing our mission tirelessly. The smiles that remain undiscovered are those we wait for your support to help unravel.

PURE has conceptualized and implemented the street to school program, Abhyasa, which is now my main focus area. The plan is expansion, the mission is to not leave any child behind, the idea is to reintegrate street kids into mainstream schools giving them a fair chance at a normal childhood.

A few goals that I set for myself this year that align with PURE’s 3-year plan-

  • Strengthening our volunteer base to support Femme workshops
  • Solidifying our financial position through new and increased CSR grants and partnerships with individual contributors
  • Effecting change in governmental policies related to the distribution of undergarments
  • Scaling up the Abhyasa program including a mobile school for the street kids

We have a head start on the plan. During the past year multiple people have been trained in conducting workshops. These individuals will join the core Femme team and will be engaged to drive the program forward. Abhyasa pilot is a success and the second center is ready to open it’s doors to migrant workers’ kids.

With confidence in the precedent you set by trusting us, we move forward with admittedly bold plans. Let’s work for our children together.

With hope and determination,

Sandhya Gollamudi

Vice-chair/ MD, PURE