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Shyla Talluri

Founder & CEO

PURE’s founder, strategist and voice, Shyla Talluri, is a thought leader. Diligent, determined and decisive, Shyla was instrumental in bringing PURE into existence and forming Team PURE.
Shyla who says her confidence is her identity, is an equal rights advocate. She believes that freedom that comes with conditions based on gender, race, color, marital status, caste, and creed is worse than slavery.

This is what Shyla wants to share with you..

I am an entrepreneur, I love to write and travel. I am as much a super mom as any other working woman. I had a pretty comfortable life growing up. I was very reserved as a child and in contrast, outspoken as an adult.

Growing up, I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration and idols. My heroes in life are my grade school classmates, friends and family who showed me what being selfless, kind, confident and brave meant despite the adversaries and challenges they faced.

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Thank you!

Fight Poverty With Education – these four words are the powerful mantra driving every program and project at PURE every single day. The four pillars backing this challenging journey we set out on in March of 2016 are – TeamPURE, PUREGurus, PUREVolunteers and you, The PURESponsors.

Every day, a PURESmile blooms because of YOU! Every day, a healthy future is built with a child’s educational needs met through classroom transformations, school infrastructure improvements, tutoring interventions, workshops, alternative teaching methods, STEM, and reading programs. Every day, a dream of education is made real with college & school fees paid, boarding needs are taken care of, books bought, school supplies provided, nutritional needs met and special needs including mobility addressed. Every day, a child is shown that they matter by providing holistic care for orphaned, abandoned, rescued and street children. Every day, a supporting hand is lent to create livelihoods, to empower women and special populations. All with YOUR partnership!

PURE has now become synonymous with our commitment to being a bridge connecting the source of love with the urgent needs of the world’s children. We are committed to being diligent stewards of YOUR generosity. For every $1 YOU donate, PURE provides 96c indirect assistance to children and youth who chose education as the weapon to fight poverty. Guide Star, the largest independent evaluator of charities – awarded a platinum seal of transparency to PURE, People for Urban and Rural Education.

Educating street children – panhandlers, rag pickers and homeless kids who have never stepped foot in a school, will be the top priority in 2020. We have great work ahead of us in our well-meant thought to leave no child behind. It will take the work of many hands and hearts. We would not be able to take this step without YOU and your support to PURE! On behalf of TeamPURE and more importantly, on behalf of the thousands of the children YOU helped and will help– thank YOU for your trust and support.


Shyla Talluri

Founder/CEO, PURE