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Hema Kanthamneni

Chief Program Officer

Lively, influential and dynamic, this amazing woman is behind taking PURE cross-country! Hema Kanthamneni is a force to reckon with. PURE Youth chapters grew from two to tewnty-two since Hema came on board.

Hema has always had a passion for giving back and encouraging others to do as well. Prior to her work with PURE, Hema has continuously proven to be a philanthropic figure in her community by working with a multitude of local organizations.

While dedicating time towards PURE and its efforts, she also passionately advocates healthy eating and volunteers at organic farms. She takes time out of her schedule to head over to a local farm in New Jersey and volunteer there and also she continuously preach the benefits of eating clean through the use of social media and advertising. She stands as an example for so many people and is always willing to share healthy tips, tricks, and recipes.

Philanthropic work has been part of Hema’s upbringing. With the constant reminder to give back to the communities in need, she sets herself as an example in giving back and drives the entire PURE Youth team to stand together for the greater good.

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PURE Youth, By The Children – For The Children!

It is truly an honor to be leading PURE Youth, a wing of PURE. I had the pleasure of watching the chapters grow from three to twenty-two across the world. At PURE Youth, each and every volunteer has put in the time and effort and shown their true dedication to helping the world become a better place. We are constantly making an impact on kids’ lives by providing support in many ways. Not only we stand as an inspiration to the people around us but to all of the students that we have helped along our journey with PURE. Youth has not only helped others grow but understood how they can facilitate growth within themselves.

Leadership: Here in PURE Youth, Each Ambassador considers themselves as a leader. They sure stand different from other kids their age. They constantly think about how they can be supportive to the community whether it is locally or internationally. Youth Ambassadors follow Youth Guidelines and strive to polish themselves to provide their best.

Fund Raising: Youth chapters continuously come up with different ideas to support the projects. Bake sale, garage sale, lunch to the lobby, ice cream socials at offices, science experiment fundraising events, Women’s Night and much more. PURE Youth stands as strong support to PURE with these fundraisers.

Spreading Awareness: PURE Youth constantly makes an effort to spread the word about PURE and its activities by arranging awareness booths. Few ambassadors spoke on TEDx talks, wrote letters to newspapers and gave radio interviews.

Focus Groups: Ambassadors go the extra mile by participating in focussed think-thank style groups along with supporting their chapters’ activities.

Virtual Classrooms: Online tutoring through virtual classes from different parts of the world.

PURE Channel: Newsletters, making-of videos from Youth events, scripting, editing, and everything needed to maintain the PURE channel.

Youth Femme: This group of ambassadors focuses on period poverty. They write articles by gathering information from various resources. They find solutions to provide resources for girls during periods. They work on breaking the stigma and taboo around menstruation and stand as role models for the Youth team.

Youth Internships: PURE Youth provides an opportunity to high school ambassadors to have real-time working experience by providing summer Internship programs. Last summer “Project Equip” is one such internship where ambassadors were taught the SDLC process.

We will continue to strive to do our best and present us with our best selves. We are a team, we never push each other down, but we instead build each other up. If one of us achieves our goals, we can proudly look back and acknowledge the people who have helped us get to that level. No matter where we are in our journey, I want to thank each and every PURE Youth Volunteer for their amazing work and wish them the best in your future.

Our goal for 2020 is to continue to support PURE Projects through bigger fundraising events (PRERANA) and to expand Youth chapters to other countries. This way we can spread the word about “ GIVING “ and make the world a better place to live in.

Thank you,

Hema Kanthamneni

Chief Program Officer