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Emergency Relief

Let’s prevent hunger deaths! Donate today!

The COVID-19 outbreak is a human tragedy impacting people from all walks of life across the globe. The lockdowns and stay at home orders have left many people living on daily wages without food and shelter. The economic impact on those from the vulnerable segments is terrifyingly tremendous.

PURE is working diligently in ensuring food security for orphans, the elderly, migrant families, daily wagers and the differently-abled in India. PURE is also supporting Home Front, Hunger First and public schools in the USA in this time of need in ensuring disadvantaged students have food and school supplies they need.

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Urgent requirements -

  • Ration kit – 20USD feeds a family of four for two weeks. 300 families need support.
  • Cooked meals – 50USD will feed 30 people per day. 30000 meals needed.
  • PPE kits – 10USD each for front liners. 1000 kits needed.

Humans counting on humans in the fight against COVID-19. Let’s prove humanity right!

Help is being provided to-

1. Institutions impacted by restriction of mobility thus losing in-kind donations that help run their old age homes, orphanages (CCIs) and homes for special needs persons. Ration and other basics including hygiene products have been delivered to 6 homes that care for elderly people, 2 special needs homes, 15 orphanages

2. Individuals affected by lost wages and work in urban and rural areas were supported with ration and other basic needs. Medicines where needed, purchasing prescription medication locally which would otherwise be received from government hospitals. Requests are pouring in from all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh This is a continued effort.

3. Migrant workers stranded in Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore. PURE pledged support for 60000 meals thru community kitchens being run in partnership with government agencies for distribution.

4. Sanitation material for slum dwellers.

5. Counseling those in distress. Supporting families of students whose educational needs are regularly taken care of thru PURE

6. Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) for front liners.

PURE will continue to work on alleviating the hardships of those who reach out to us and also actively look for those in need using our volunteer network that’s spread out across the state from the villages we have supported in the past with Educational needs and disaster relief.