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Period Poverty

Donate to help end period poverty! You can help end period poverty with a monthly gift, one-time donation or sponsoring an awareness workshop.

Thirteen-year-old Lakshmi used to miss up to five days of school every month, just because of her period. In her community in rural India, many girls don’t have access to safe, hygienic sanitary products, toilets with running water at school or privacy to dispose the pads. Girls like Lakshmi regularly miss days of school as a result or even drop out altogether. Missing out on education makes them vulnerable to child labor, abuse, child marriage, and early pregnancy.

But the PURE Femme program has changed Lakshmi’s life. PURE has helped provide running water, toilet repairs, awareness about hygiene, knowledge about various options available to manage periods with dignity and incinerators for easy disposal Now, Lakshmi can keep going to school during her period.

No girl should be held back because of period poverty. Please donate to help girls like Lakshmi stay in school and manage their periods with dignity.

Join hands with PURE to solve this human rights issue which affects us all. Donate, Volunteer, Spread awareness.

How your donation can help tackle period poverty

Your donation could help end period poverty for girls like Lakshmi, and make sure she can stay in school.
To help fund our outreach work towards ending period shaming
To help fund our biodegradable sanitary pad manufacturing unit run by women’s self-help groups
To help provide sanitary kits to tribal and orphaned girl children
Every donation counts, and we appreciate what can contribute at this time. A one-time donation helps a lot, but issues our girls face need long-term support. Regular donations mean we can commit to working with women’s self-help groups and school girls for as long as it takes.
A monthly gift from you allows us to make ambitious plans, and invest in the futures of young girls and their communities. It means we can make a real, sustainable difference to the lives of women and girls. Please help us to change lives, for good.