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Special Needs

Donate to support special needs children and young adults! Let’s see to it that the needs of children with physical and intellectual disabilities are met, timely and consistently.

The severe shortage of services for underprivileged children born with conditions like Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism makes it near impossible to have access to early intervention services that could help them learn, grow, and interact with the world around them. PURE works with special needs providers in rural India in filling the gaps in infrastructure by facilitating everything that ensures children’s safety like security gates/grills, ramps for entryways and building repairs. Learning aids, educational material, diapers, running water in toilets, CP chairs, PT ramps and much more to give special needs youth improved tools to interact with their world, get an education and for some, to become independent.

PURE works with many students with varying degrees of physical handicap (PHC) – those who lost limbs in accidents, visually impaired, hearing and speech impaired and those who were born with birth defects that confine them to wheelchairs

Give the gift of hope and mobility today-

  • Diapers – 50USD per month. Supports one special needs center.
  • Cerebral Palsy(CP) Chairs -150USD each. Need 10.
  • Electric wheelchairs – 800USD
  • Bio-prosthetic limbs. Range from 900USD to 2200USD based on the number of limbs a child needs.
  • Braille test books (English medium). 350USD. Supports one school.
  • Laptops for under-grad students.350USD each.